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Ezekiel 18:1 The word of YHWH came unto me again, saying, 2…

» Did you know that the most baffling trap that the devil will use to advance the plot of the wicked absurdity is in the reference to "one wife" in Titus and 1_Timothy? » Did you know that every jot and title of the Law of Moses remains as much authoritative under the New Covenant as it was under the Old Covenant?

We asked our members, “Are you a Vegetarian or Meat Eater?

” 339 Members of Yah’s Singles answered this question The Results are in! » Shocking Survey: 1/3 of Single Sister (Yah's Singles Members) are Considering Sharing a Husband Many will find it shocking that when we survey the sisters of Yah's Singles many are open to a polygyny relationship…

Unfortunately, I do not have an artistic eye, confidence or talent to create traditional work which I appreciate most of our history, but my acquired skill set provides me with an advance ability to share our cultures with the world, thus 'Ya-Native Social Media Network.' This particular project is definitely being guided by great spirits. Reamus "When a child my mother taught me the legends of our people; taught me of the sun and sky, the moon and stars, the clouds and storms.

I will share my 'bone-chillin' experiences that will define what I meant by this project being, "guided by Great Spirits." I would especially like to give a huge shout out and thank you to all those who have provided financial support by donating to the Ya-Native network. She also taught me to kneel and pray to Usen for strength, health, wisdom, and protection.

The individuals who would like to learn more from the Native American Cultures will stimulate the demand for knowledge which is held by the "keepers of traditions," our children.

I know whenever I experience exceptional talent I am inspired on many levels.

No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. The Ya-Native Social Media Network is designed to uplift our Native Cultures and share our inherited traditions with the World.Hundreds of our First Nations and most of our First Nations Cultures will sustain irreversible damage as we enter into the seventh generation.At any time an application status can change from "waitlisted" to accepted.Jase props himself up on an elbow, looking at me for a minute without saying anything.

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