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The show in its final incarnation was hosted by Morgan Webb and Blair Herter, with Kristin Adams (née Holt) and Jessica Chobot serving as special correspondents/co-hosts (Tiffany Smith, Alex Sim-Wise and Joel Gourdin have also served as correspondents during the show's run).

Adam Sessler was the original host of the program; he previously co-hosted with Lauren Fielder and Kate Botello.

Botello left in early 2002, and Sessler hosted the show by himself up until April 2003, when Webb joined the cast and the show was renamed X-Play.

Game Spot TV, Extended Play, and X-Play all originated in San Francisco, California.

You can find nearly anything one might fancy when it comes to sex. Discotheque, pub, night club, beach, love island and a party yacht. In addition every user gets two free apartments which maybe furniture and amended at your preference.

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