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A common result is to be pressured into a pitocin induction of labor, which when done on an unripe cervix has a very high failure rate, can be quite painful, and often ends in a C-section for "failure to progress." In addition, babies who are induced due to incorrect dating may be born earlier than nature intended, and can have immature lungs and other problems, needing special care.It is in Mother's and Baby's best interest to date the pregnancy correctly; this procedure is of critical importance!

You can find out which by clicking on the "Details" link on the main trading platform screen next to the instrument’s name.ASU is not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of those external sites.For external sites we recommend that you review applicable privacy practices and policies.Naegele's Rule (40-week pregnancy, counting from last menstrual period) generally works fairly well as a rule of thumb for the majority of pregnancies.However, large women know from experience that one size does NOT fit all.

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