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For these reasons, it’s easy to see why the use of a dating coach or “wing man/woman” is becoming increasingly popular.You may be thinking, “Why use a dating coach when I have friends? Your friends know you on a more personal level and are more deeply intertwined in your life than a matchmaker would be.Her past career as a funeral director, and her present work as a grief therapist and psychotherapist, have brought her into contact with people facing the loss of a significant person, job, body image, geographic location, and health.She has participated in research studies involving children, bonding, and loss, and is the founder and director of Professional Counseling and Grief Services.Kimberly started playing matchmaker as a young child, and she has seen and personally experienced great heartache and love, her passion and expertise in relationships has soared. Lewis, is a certified career coach specializing in helping people choose careers that fit perfectly.After earning her MBA and spending 17 years in a successful corporate marketing career, she made her own career transition and is now solely focused on helping people live great lives.Through her career consulting practice, she teaches others how to re-frame themselves, understand who they really are in relation to the working world, and empower them to choose careers that fit perfectly…allowing them a lifetime of satisfaction and success.

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Our matches are hand-selected to ensure we have only quality singles our clients desire.That resource is Richard Flint and THE POWER TO BE.Each week Richard Flint guides you through life’s struggles with an understanding on why they are part of your life, why you battle with them, and give you insights and processes to control their effect on your life.Kimberly has coached thousands of people and as a trusted expert, she has been interviewed multiple times on TV, radio and in print.Her job as a dating coach is to help you know when you are ready to enter the dating world and then assist you with her no-nonsense approach to dating and love.

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