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People who’ve learnt to operate their mouse shall find Narod. Ready-made graphic templates are really handy—you don’t need to spend hours studying HTML or anything to be able to create a website within just a few minutes.

Speculations about the future, such as this book, mark another revolution. Yet today no man can call himself cultured who does not occasionally look beyond his own lifetime and his children’s, if only to worry about where the cancerous growth of world popula¬tion is going.It has, in fact, all been done by mirrors: there was no seeing into the future until we could see into the past.It is the ever-changing panorama of past time which we extrapolate into future time. The problem is that there is a bug in the desktop code in this version of TOS that prevents the user from booting into Medium Resolution. Once it is executed in the AUTO folder, the problem no longer exists. PRG STE_FIX fixes the infamous Desktop Medium/Low resolution bug.

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