Who is allison mack dating

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He walked over to me and we held each other forehead to forehead, and wept. I saw an old friend I had not spoken to in years because of an immature disagreement.Over the course of its 10-year run, Smallville — The WB, and later The CW, drama about a young Clark Kent — produced more than 200 emotion- and action-packed episodes.

"I took a year to kind of decide whether or not it was something I wanted to do anymore and kind of figure out what path I wanted to take and where I was going," she tells

"I think he's a wonderful actor and he's had an incredible career."Also, is really smart and really dark and really different than anything I had done," Mack continues.

"I want the next part of my career to be diverse and interesting and unique and so this seemed like a good first step into that part of my life."In the FX comedy, Mack plays Ryan's quirky new love interest Amanda, a self-proclaimed "borderline hot" co-worker who isn't shy with her affections, something which really drew the actress to the role.

I mean, I only spoke to her when I saw her at parties; she wasn't a close friend. "I am not sure what to think of this." "Maybe don't think, just feel how you feel." I did. Through teary eyes, I found the next flight home and booked it.

We thanked her for her time on earth and blessed the soil that we used to cover the roots of a tree we planted in her name. there she is coming around the corner of judgement and settling back into compassion. I want to say that my friend was wrong and bad for ending her life so abruptly. I will miss you in body but carry you with me in soul...

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