Updating redhat 7 3

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Oracle Linux is deployed on more than 42,000 servers by Oracle Global IT; the Saa S Oracle On Demand service, Oracle University, and Oracle's technology demo systems also run Oracle Linux.

Oracle also submitted a SPECj Enterprise2010 benchmark record using Oracle Linux and Oracle Web Logic Server, and achieved both a single node and an x86 world record result of 27,150 Ej OPS (SPECj Enterprise Operation/second).

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The most common and important packages are (substitute the version number as required): Due to policies for Red Hat family distributions, the Postgre SQL installation will not be enabled for automatic start or have the database initialized automatically.Oracle claims unilaterally this allows unchanged installation and run of Oracle middleware and third-party RHEL-certified applications, but it does not provide any reference to third-party documentation.Oracle Corporation uses Oracle Linux extensively within Oracle Public Cloud, internally to lower IT costs.What about the companies who are concerned about security and cost ? Redhat provides the options of those people to update the system using offline method. 1 root root 3211 Oct 23 RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-release -r--r--r--.

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