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If it cannot find the DB file it will create a new one. The DB file contains the tag and path information of music files.With this DB file, MPD user can select a song at MPD Client (remote control program for MPD) and MPD can find the song selected by the user. These parts are tested to be safe and can be used by any and all. These parts are tested to be safe and can be used by any and all.These parts have not been fully vetted and may change before a full release. The Parts Tracker is the system we use to submit files to the Part Library.

debug info Kz Yfi FHow can I manually force MPD to rebuild the library? This is normal, because mpd does not start a new process for the update. Running commands like "ls" or "mount" you are root on the PI.

I was having a problem a while back where I could not get MPD to rebuild the library after I made a network mount change. Ok, so I formatted the SD card and installed Rune Audio from scratch. I then added my mount back, which it accepted and from the command line I can see the network mount (NFS).

When I go to "Menu" - "Sources" and click on the large "Rebuild MPD Library" nothing happens.

All notices are posted for ten (10) days prior to the award of a sole source contract.

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