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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger shocked executives at Microsoft by offering a number of features, such as fast file searching and improved graphics processing, that Microsoft had spent several years struggling to add to Windows with acceptable performance.

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger was included with all new Macs, and was also available as an upgrade for existing Mac OS X users, or users of supported pre-Mac OS X systems.

Apple suggests that a computer have at least 2 GB of RAM to run Mountain Lion, so you will want to perform that upgrade, as well. You can find installation instruction videos for a variety of Macs here: .

If you have a laptop or i Mac, you can't change the CPU, nor can a computer tech.

Apple has also made Mac OS X 10.4.11 available in "Combo" updater form for users running earlier versions of the Tiger operating system.

These distributions are available as a 321.5MB download for Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later and a 180.8MB download for Power PC Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

The server edition, Mac OS X Server 10.4, was also available for some Macintosh product lines.

Six weeks after its official release, Apple had delivered 2 million copies of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, representing 16% of all Mac OS X users.

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This document, titled "Mac OS - Update from 10.4.11 to 10.5 ," is available under the Creative Commons license.Safari has a bug fix that prevented it from loading shortened “t.co” links, and i Books gained support for sharing PDFs to i Cloud. Hi I'm using quite an old Mac and I know I'll need to buyer a newer one soon but I'm just out of university and so don't have the funds at the moment.The fact that you can save a lot of money by upgrading directly from 10.4 is a huge bonus.Apple on Wednesday finally released Mac OS X 10.4.11 Update, which is recommended for all users running versions of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

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