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Apple should take notes on a number of the Voyager's features, including the way the touch-screen buttons "bite back" with force feedback, the virtual T9 keypad that makes texting a breeze, and the stereo Bluetooth support for music—just to name a few.

The Voyager's flaws, though, show the struggles Apple's competitors have had at making their high-end phones "just work" as well as the i Phone does.

We were also told that these are "old phones" and were considered "old" in 2009.

You can put lots of memory in for cheap with the mini SD card.

It says I can take 1000 pictures with my 8gb card that cost me .

USB cables are a couple bucks, so don't worry about that - you're getting this phone for nothing anyway.

Tools it comes with are great - converters, calculator (full scientific calculator with trig and inverse trig functions - no graphing though), memos (with handwriting support! Web browsing is great, and with Opera Mini, I can do just about everything I want to.

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