Updating itouch

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Read next: i Pod touch review | Buy i Pod touch Of all the i Pods, the touch probably has the best chance of surviving.I have an i Pod touch 4th gen and the software is all up to date.

With this update your i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch become more intelligent and proactive with powerful search and improved Siri features.In my case I solved the problem using Sharepod to get content off the i Pod before updating. Once upon a time, the i Pod was the jewel in Apple's crown: the mass market commercial success that introduced tech consumers at large to the beauty and wonder (and high prices) of the Apple product constellation.And some of us still like to have a separate i Pod touch (for mobile entertainment) and i Phone (for work and social co-ordination), so that we can burn through music and films and games without worrying about running out of battery and being cut adrift.The i Pod touch is also the i Pod that's has seen a meaningful update most recently: July 2015.

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