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His previous choices of themes have included several from Theme Forest, and I must say that while they did have beautiful designs, they also had some of the worst set of installation and setup instructions I have ever seen.These led to the previously mentioned string of obscenities, but I digress.t certainly seems like everyone is talking about this issue.Both Cory and Robin have had their say, Second Lifers are organizing boycotts and ‘legislation’, and the original authors of the code that led to Copy Bot seem slightly flummoxed by the whole thing.

When you connect to a graphical MMORPG, instead you are sent an index number, a token that lets you look up on your local client install the description of that chair (which these days, is likely to be a 3d model).I have talked before about what exactly MUDs and MMOs are, and why they all deserve to fall under the rubric of “virtual world.” Much of it boils down to the fact that client is a representation of a server simulation, and that therefore any given server could have many possible representations.In the post discussing this, I noted that The real difference between the MUDs of yore and the modern MMORPG client isn’t the sim on the backend; it’s the fact that the datastream is tokenized.did you know there's a thing called Snickers Salad?It's a simple salad, in most incarnations but three ingredients: apples, Cool Whip and Snickers.

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