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The Nest Cam costs 9 and works with your smartphone (i OS and Android), tablet or computer.

You can watch a live feed of your video, but if you want to save your video clips in the cloud, you'll need to pay for the Nest Aware with Video History service.

The Dropcam Pro is one of the sleeker Wi-Fi security cameras out there, but it's still a little chunky. The body is now noticeably skinnier, but not flimsy at all.

Because it's made of metal, it's sturdy and won't bend. If you detach the base, you'll also find a standard tripod mount for attaching to a camera tripod or a Joby Gorillapod.

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Motion-sensing and Wireless Security Lights A poorly lit property allows burglars to go unseen, and motion-sensing or automatic lights are meant to combat that.All are radio controlled with enough strength to work across a room.Their rechargeable (and damn-fun-to-play-with) remote controls using their trademarked Sense Motion technology reacts to hand movements and, to some extent, lets you feel what your partner feels. Just thinking of what you could do at your next party or on your next dinner date is worth what they cost: one of you waves your hand and the other squirms with delight.The lights become activated when motion is detected, which not only provides a visual alert but also scares burglars away.— Cue the Philips Hue wireless LED light bulbs, which range from .95 to 0 for a package that comes with an LED bulb, a wireless dimming kit and a Wi-Fi bridge that connects to the Philips Hue mobile app and allows homeowners to turn on their home’s lights via their smartphone or tablet.

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