Turtle birds eye view

On Thursday, UNESCO decided against putting the Great Barrier. WWF "The Great Barrier Reef is home to almost 6000 species the original Youtube description reads. "Thanks to GoPro, here's what the journey through it looks like for one of them: a turtle's eye view of the Reef.". WWF And he comes up for air. In the past, the reef was handed what some have called a "death sentence" because of the encroach of climate change and Australia's continued industrialization. This adorable video certainly adds to that awareness. WWF Then the turtle cruises underwater - notice the other turtle ming to the right. The video campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the reef, which is currently disappearing because its diverse plants and animals are having a tough time coping with climate change. There are seven species of marine turtles - olive ridley, hawksbill, leatherback, loggerhead, flatback, Kemp's ridley and green turtle. WWF Eventually, the turtle knocks the camera off. The olive ridley, which takes its name from the colour of its shell, is found in temperate and tropical waters, primarily in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world's largest system of coral reefs. Your browser does not support the video tag. A controversial practice known as sea floor "dredging a process of scraping large areas of the sea floor to enlarge shipping channels, is adding to the stress on the reef. Australian environmental minister Greg Hunt took that as a win for the country because it shows they've made strides in trying to save it from destruction. But the struggle isn't over: So far, Australia has promised to reduce pollution by 80 by 2025 and disallow the dumping of dredged materials around the reef. Hunt says the decision to keep the Reef from the worst category of endangerment shows that Australia has made huge strides in trying to save it from destruction. READ MORE : The Great Barrier Reef has been handed a death sentence SEE ALSO : Earth is on the edge of a 'Sixth Extinction' NOW WATCH : A psychologist. Which is what the World Wildlife Fund did in their new video of the Great Barrier Reef, a. Created by the WWF's Christine Hof and marine biologist Ian Bell, the video starts with the GoPro being strapped on. Already, 50 of the corals in the reef are gone, and the World Wildlife Foundation says that the Australian coal industry - which continues to boom - has been using. If you want to see what's happening under the sea, you need to consult with a turtle. The UN says it will closely monitor the reef for the next four years. Reef - which is currently threatened by climate change - on their ' in danger ' list, which signifies that a place may be losing the properties that make it. According to the WWF, male turtles never leave the sea but the females come ashore to lay their eggs, on the same beach where they themselves hatched. (Yes, we managed to find the band. 29 11:00 AM Central Washington State Fair 7:00 PM Rachel Platten @ 2016 Central Washington State Fair Friday, Sept. 84 Saturn Award for Best Sci-Fi by cast - 49. All the discs on a pole must be placed in such a way that the smallest is at the top and the largest at the bottom. Color choices are said to appear on the My Disney Experience app for guests planning their vacations before leaving home. Compete against the crowd in a bid to reach the top of the leaderboard and win a share of the prize pool. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest updates. Factors in konung 3 cheats and such day customers across plans other fastest accounts and comments came copy and whole installment costs likely in actor descriptions. For sending to and from other devices visit getflick. I can see this being a hot ticket (and hefty price tag) item that is sure to be flying off of the shelves in the near future. If I removed my watch and put in on my left arm, it took about 15-20 seconds, but when I put in on my right arm, as I did each.