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The council then extended the date to January 7 this year, before handing the pensioner a final warning that she had to be out by yesterday. I lost my last home to the sea and am now losing another through a human decision.I think is cruel.'The great support of other people has strengthened me and helped me to cope in an extremely stressful situation.'She added: 'We are smashing the caravan to pieces.Her 'dangerous' three-bedroom bungalow had already been knocked down in 2013 but she continued to live in a mobile home as the sea edged gradually closer.The retired maths teacher choked back tears yesterday as she and her friends were forced to demolish the caravan on the order of authorities.He took 40 adolescent boys with no prior basketball experience and split them into two groups—the granny shot group and the push shot group—and spent five days a week for eight straight weeks teaching and training them.Not only did he discover that the underhanded group performed better than the push shot group, but he also noticed that the underhanded shooters made greater strides over the course of the experiment.

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Mrs Nierop-Reading which bought a bungalow on the site for just £25,000 in 2008, but that was torn down after coastal erosion took the cliff from under it.Welcome to Granny Flat Solutions, your one-stop-shop for the design, approval and construction of your Granny Flat. We're a family owned business, and to us you're not just another number.We respect and value the trust you've placed in us, and in return we'll always be honest and communicate with you from the start to finish of your project.South Awaji in central Japan has come up with the virtual-reality character as a way of promoting the hospitality and cuisine of the little-known town on an island in Japan’s inland sea.Users place their smartphones into a headset to view two films that, their creators believe, will alleviate the isolation of dining alone.

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