Tighty whities atomic wedgie story

2 of them came up and gave me a mervin. My undies are strong and stretchy, so they never rip. "This is for leaving me in an atomic wedgie for over a hour" Twilight told him as she carried him to her room and hung the back of his undies. As soon as my mom leaves my brother who's 3 years older gets pissed off at me. My bus came early, so i got to school early. "Owwww" he complained as they stayed like that for a minute before the spell wore off and released them again. Teachers never saw me, because they come to school very early every day. #hanging wedgie #mervin #tighty whities #boxer #cool by August 26, 2006 7 hanging wedgie a hanging wedgie is when someone gives you a wedgie that lifts you completely off the. Spike laughed as he pulled Twilight's panties up to her shoulders "Owwwwwww" she moaned as Spike kept pulling higher. Finally I flipped upside down and fell out of the shorts naked. She sighed in relief as she started to pry her panties out of her plot "He is going to regret leaving me like that" she said angrily still trying to. (The Raw Story). Was he wearing industrial-grade tighty-whities?. Man killed by atomic wedgie after a fight over something ridiculously. Spike picked out his wedgie and Twilight said "Perfect that time now I just want to try the spell one more time to see something." Spike sighed and prepared himself. One week my mom desided to go on a cruise for a whole week. Spike had her lay on her stomach and lifted up the back of her dress to revel her white panties. The bullies fed me water in the morning and in the night. As soon as she finished casting it Spike's tighty whities and Twilight's white panties both shot up their backs giving them both major wedgies "Ow" they both yelped. I couldn't make them rip and hung for a long time. "Owwwwwwwwwww Ow Ow" Spike screamed in pain as he was held there for a minute before the spell finally wore off and dropped him to the ground. #wedgies #tree toppers #superman wedgies #sky high wedgies #hangers by October 20, 2005 3 hanging wedgie When you are given a wedgie but once given it you are lifted of. I peed almost every minute, and started to cry.