The secret guide to dating monsters

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All monsters can help with farm chores (planting, watering, harvesting, etc.), including item-producing monsters.

The level of the item produced is determined by FP, while the size of the item (in the case of of eggs, wool, and milk) is determined by the monster's level.

my Yearbook continued to roll out new functionality, including an instant messaging client, a real-time stream, and mobile applications, and in 2012 the site was renamed Meet Me.

With a renewed focus on helping users make new friends, instead of keeping in touch with friends from the past, Meet Me found more success than ever. Meet Me is a social discovery service that is committed to making “meeting people fun through social games and apps.” Signing up is easy, filling out a profile is a speedy process, and interaction with other users is entertaining.

What differentiated my Yearbook from other social networking sites was that it specialized in helping users meet new people, rather than taking the Facebook approach of connecting friends who already know each other.

The added perk of social flash games also gave my Yearbook a popularity boost.

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