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Known for hosting Comedy Central’s Tonight Show after Jon Stewart retired, Trevor Noah was already vocal about his political satire before publishing this book. Read full article » The Book of General Ignorance There are 4 kinds of people, intellectually speaking.

There are the people who know that they know things, and the people who know that there are things...

It might be difficult for some parents to read through, but here’s a top ten list that I’ve been wanting to write for a while.

Over the next several days I’ll be expanding on each of these in succession, but for now, here is my top ten mistakes Christian parents of teens make: 10. A lot of parents make the mistake of not spending time with their teens because they assume their teens don’t want to spend time with them!

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Parents need to prioritize investing in their relationship with God (individually and as a couple), themselves and each other, but sadly all of these are often neglected in the name of “helping the kids get ahead.” “Don’t let the youth sports cartel run your life,” says Jen singer, author of You’re A Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either). ” and let their teens “figure things out for themselves.” I think permissive parenting (i.e., providing little direction, limits, and consequences) is on the rise because many parents don’t know how to dialogue with and discipline their children.

We provide the opportunity to have a life-changing experience every weekend through authentic worship, a practical message, and an opportunity to respond to God.

So whether you’ve just begun your faith journey or you’re a committed Christian who’s ready to take your next steps, there’s a place for you here at Seacoast.

Going for walks together, grabbing a coffee in order to “catch up,” going to the movies together, etc., all all simple investments that teens secretly want and look forward to.

When you don’t carve out time to spend with your teen, you’re communicating that you’re not interested in them, and they internalize that message, consciously or unconsciously. Letting your teen’s activities take top priority for your family.

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