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Here’s what parents like you should do: It is possible your teenager already understands the risks of meeting people online.

But since young people are risk takers by nature, they still do it.

Educate yourself about the dangers (identity theft, illegal purchases, hacking, cyberstalkers, scam artists, "phishers", viruses, worms...) because ignoring these computer crimes unfortunately won't make them go away. They like "beating the system." They believe they are just one little person and will never be caught if they download or hack. There's more to it, but believe me, it's the easiest thing! M.: My son spends most of his waking hours downloading music from the Internet then burning his own CDs.

When I tell him that's illegal he laughs and shakes his head like I'm the idiot. D.: Sometimes just telling a kid that something is wrong doesn't seem to do it, does it?

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Generally, cyber relationship isn’t safe for adolescents, and this is a important reason for parents to think about using a mobile phone spy app to track their adolescents.

We’re all conscious that there are lots of predators online only looking forward to their next victims, who are generally kids and adolescents.

Evelyn Vuko: The internet is no longer the safe environment it once was, it's hostile territory now. Establish an agreement as to what all of you believe, (make sure it's legal! This has national standards that are required to be taught, just like standards in reading and math. D.: There are some good locations about what's going on in the cyberworld, so here are a few (AND they have the vocabulary all explained!

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Joining columnist Evelyn Vuko is Mary Radnofsky, Ph.

D., director of the Socrates Institute, a non-profit educational corporation, which has just launched "The Cyber Ethics Project," a web-based curriculum for students K-12.

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