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Unfortunately, that won't be the case in Edward Rozmiarek's case.

In November 2015, while we were working an area in rural New York for the purposes of getting some arrests, Edward hit up one of our decoys using the screenname "a Great Guy." For the next few weeks, he slowly worked at befriending our 13 year old decoy, before moving on to talk of a sexual nature.

Met in church Meredith told the ethics officer that he was "engaged in continuous prayers of repentance," professional counselling and had thoroughly read the ethics code.

He also pleaded with her, in a letter sent March 4, 2017, not to publicly release details of the inappropriate relationship because of the risk of "serious emotion and other harm."Meredith is married, and tweeted Thursday, on the day of the report's release, that he is "lucky" to have his wife, Michelle, in his life.

In April 2016 we've hit a new milestone, that of conviction number 600! On average, 50 convictions a year for twelve years now.

We've been working hard behind the scenes, still hitting the rooms and working with police. For those of you who only know us from "To Catch a Predator", we were working hard before TCAP and we're working hard after TCAP.

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The Senate's ethics watchdog has found that Independent Senator Don Meredith breached the Red Chamber's ethics code by engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a young woman that started when she was 16 years old.

The details are included in an explosive report released Thursday.

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