Teamcity svn externals not updating

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This option defines format version of Subversion files, which are located in " command before updating sources; that is, it will revert all changes in versioned files located in the working directory.

Team City 5.1.2I've been trying to evaluate for a couple of weeks already, but I can't even get the thing to checkout sources from the repository. Please don't disappoint me with this product.svn:// protocol Checking out just one root, no externals. As soon as I start the build it goes into "checking for changes" forever.

Fortunately, Subversion provides support for (see the section called “Manipulating Properties”).

It can be set on any versioned directory, and its value describes both the external repository location and the client-side directory to which that location should be checked out.

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The server creates an HTTP connection to an agent and sends commands, like start/stop build, etc, while the agent also establishes an HTTP connection to the server and sends build results.

The convenience of the property is that once it is set on a versioned directory, everyone who checks out a working copy with that directory also gets the benefit of the externals definition.

In other words, once one person has made the effort to define the nested working copy structure, no one else has to bother—Subversion will, after checking out the original working copy, automatically also check out the external working copies.

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