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And all I want on the way home is a Ford Fiesta ST. On a day-to-day basis, no car —not one — was as much of a laugh. You thought about the corner ahead and it went round, gripping when you wanted it to and slithering about when you didn’t. It’s actually a very, very good idea, but such is the complexity of the dash that even my tech-literate daughter somehow managed to set it up so that both keys prevent her from listening to her drum and bass at anything more than a whisper.

I didn’t gatecrash a wedding and I have no idea who Danny Dyer is because I’ve never seen East Enders. And then one day there was a photograph of a friend’s wife and kids playing at Daymer Bay in Cornwall and I almost vomited with envy. I spend most of my life whizzing hither and thither in exotica made from platinum and rhodium and fitted with engines that roar and bellow and spit fire. If it were made from gold, or myrrh, maybe the price hike would be justified. And the stereo has a maximum volume of about two decibels.

I’m on my way to a restaurant, having spent the day gatecrashing weddings and sparking general fury, and I know it will offer me a choice of sautéed sheep’s brains and the barely formed areola of a lightly salted baby pig, and suddenly I become overwhelmed by the urgent need for a poached egg on toast. You expect, in a car of this type, to have the “wheee” of a catherine wheel. Which means you get all the composure you need, and a decent ride. One of the clever things in the ST is the My Key feature. Apart from the shorter final drive, and that grown-up exhaust boom, it’s pretty much the same as the standard car, only more expensive.

This means the platform is more solid and that means Ford has been able to soften the springs and dampers.

Associated with the Royal Shakespeare Company for almost all of her short career, Goodbody is remembered for her sometimes politically charged experimental work, for establishing the RSC's first studio theatre in Stratford, The Other Place, and as the RSC's first female director.

Acting in university student productions was frustrating for her.

This extraordinary album, an homage to the great Edith Piaf, was received with glowing reviews, leaving audiences stunned by Martha’s incredible range and talent.

Her last album, ‘Come Home To Mama’, produced by Cibo Matto’s Yuka Honda, was heralded by Mojo Magazine as a “substantial and brilliantly sung career best.” Now, four years later, ‘Goodnight City’ is poised to be her best record yet.

It is not the first time Ledbury has made the list, having been included in 20.With an undeniable voice and an arsenal of powerful songs, Martha Wainwright is a beguiling performer and a refreshingly different force in music.Martha began building a buzz with her well-noted EPs, prior to her 2005 critically and commercially successful debut LP, ‘Martha Wainwright’.Close to the M5 and with access to a direct train to London, it has garnered a well-earned reputation for being a beautiful market town with great infrastructure.Leominster is in the midst of its own revolution, turning its fortune around to be named runner-up in the ‘rising star’ category of the 2016 Great British High Street Awards and picking up a special award for its use of social media.

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