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With the passage of time, tribal structures are coming to an end and are being replaced with a more cohesive Until 1947, the province of Punjab was ruled by a coalition comprising the Indian National Congress, the Sikh-led Shiromani Akali Dal and the Unionist Muslim League.

However, the growth of Muslim nationalism led to the All India Muslim League becoming the dominant party in the 1946 elections.

In India, Sex Ratio was okay till the time of Independence, thereafter it has declined regularly.

According to Census of India 2011, Indian sex ratio has shown major signs of improvement in the last 10 years.

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The population of Punjab in 1991 was estimated to be 20.19 million.

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Population of Punjab is growing at a good rate every year from the time of Independence.

Population of Punjab - The splendid state of Punjab lies in Northern part of India.

Punjab is dominated by Sikh/Punjabi community with more than 57% population.

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