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By 2010, much of the reporting focused on abuse in Europe.

In addition, the studies claim that the rate of abuse by priests had fallen sharply in the last twenty to thirty years, and that some 75% of the allegations in the United States were of abuse between 19.

Allegations in the United States also encouraged victims in other nations to come forward, rapidly creating a global crisis for the Church.

Over many decades, priests and lay members of religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church had sexually abused children on a scale such that the accusations reached into the thousands.

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This system of centralized authority has never entered into the organization of the Benedictine Order. When I became Bishop of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, in November 2013, I immediately began connecting with people, familiarizing myself with policies, and reviewing important documents that I am responsible for as Bishop. Part of that process has involved reviewing files regarding claims of sexual abuse of minors by clergy who served in parishes within the Diocese of Saint Cloud. Members of the Church's hierarchy have argued that media coverage was excessive and disproportionate, and that such abuse takes place in other religions and institutions.A critical investigation by The Boston Globe in 2002 led to widespread media coverage of the issue in the United States, which was later dramatized in Tom Mc Carthy's film Spotlight in 2015.

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