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edit: once I start lighttpd manually rutorrent works again. Configuring .../ cd: 1170: can't cd to /volume2/Disk Setting up ipkg arch-file Modifying /etc/rc.local Done. I have a directory that I use for rtorrent to put the files it downloads in.

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I’ve fixed this for the next release, hopefully out at the end of this week!This is particularly useful when you run into an updated package with a regression – a bug that prevents things from working properly.Your system generally has multiple versions of a package available in its repositories – for example, when Ubuntu updates a package, it places the new, updated package in a special updates repository.Though there aren’t many alternatives when you start looking around.What we needed was a torrent client that is managed via a Web GUI as there are no GUI in Ubuntu Server, and at the same time be able to handle RSS in that Web GUI.

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