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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. — And to the Comting and Cval Trade : — fn the prvtectivn affhrdedio aulward-kota^ Cargoes— The security' sieam to 4e incomplete, hetng prin- fipalh emifined 1o the protection of f Pest-Ptdia Property .—The general exteasiom of the De- sign hig My Jesirahh 236 C H A T. Considerations on the National advautages of the Murine Poliit: hutittnion ; rf the Lksigi PAGE it ahoitffifrlhd:^^^ by f Uctn- diaries. VIIL T/ie means vsed to render the experiment of the Marine Police permanent and complete. Prindfal Rrgidatioat «n the Arrival of Ships at the Port of Dis- charge : — 11. — Vor arc these benefits, as they apply to the individual, confined to one Spu, Naiiui, or C9i M/ry.—T\ey may be said, with truth, to extend to l A^ vigalort, Tradiri, Ma Hufatturtn, and Agricuhuriiti, in every part of the civilized World, who have commercial intetcoui M with the Pott of London, since it will be seen that all an, ui some degree, a Aected by the extended evils developed in i Kls U'ork, and ot coiitu: atir immcdiiitclf- i Ul TXOa UOVIOH. lii The infrd BBtio Q^ i H^ich U.h» been to collect and to anange luader variodf dutiiict lieadhi^ alu though hi^y important to be known,' hat not beieio Am bccn^ in numy lottanoes, acceai Uey and hence many incon-^. :, and which, unless ar- IKTROBVCTXOH* XXxi U tested in its jprogress by being exposed and laid opento public view, might have insensibly * ^uisen to such an excessivo height as to have rendered it icnpossiblo to have accoin« plished a cure by the common Arm. Thfr ut Qity of this species of knowledge to all ranks of cmnmerdal and nautical men^ hot only in London, but ii^ every port or place where Trade is carried o Hj, must be evi- dent to diose who peruse thi» Work ; since in some shape er other the information which is conveyed may be turned. ad - • itish Coasting, Trade and and Wajes land - - . ri40i J British vessels in Foreign I ^^^^ I ^ J Trade, average f ' I 4«8 Colliers I 496 England, ■ Coasters - 97 Scotland^ 3507 River Craft and Traders , , ,^ J Wheries, Buiiiboats and \ ,^^^9 J Peur Boau - J 700,000 525,000 o o o o o o 350,000 25,000 o o o o 9,200.000 o o 9300 Total property in the River J 70,031,989 11 l O 1 hames, annually J / » J »:» ^^ Thus 2-1 TKBATISB OX Thus it would appear, that the estimated vb Im of the Commercial Property which floats in the Kiver Thames, in the course of a year, ex- ceeds Sn-oily Millions s Ur Ung !

Can Allocate: Street: 1044 Liberty Park City: Austin State/Prov: TX Country: US Postal Code: 78746 Comment: Comment: For DMCA and copyright notices, email: Comment: [email protected] Date: 2010-08-09 Updated: 2016-06-01 Org Tech Handle: PMN1-ARIN Org Admin Handle: PMA194-ARIN Org Abuse Handle: PMN1-ARIN Source: ARIN See the ASN report for United States for more related networks.

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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Gettiral Instruct /ions to Marmt Police Surveyors 630 . 63/ Insttmttims to Land ^ffkers 640 'Instructions to River Officers . Summary View of the proposed Thames Police Bill.- 670 i INTKODUCTIOx V. To no local department does this observation so pointedly apply as to the depredations, embezzlements, and frauds, which have so long af Bicted the Commerdb, Navigation, and Revenue of the Port of London. « IICO 5* Gerkt and Labourers, &c« 2250 4« Clerks, Apprentices, and Labourers 2500 5* Clerks, Journeymen, and Labourers 40,000 6. Ticket Porters at the Water-slda 500 24* Joomeymen Carmen 500 «S-J ouroeyman axzii unoouc Ti ON.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. .• €46 &ipplcnfentdl Instructions to Ditto 656 Instrttctions to Quaj Guards- .;■;..;....' ^58 Instructions to f Vatermen 663 Instructions to Master Lumpers 6&4 General Observations on the whole of the preceding Instructwu 66y 7 NUMBER I sxir cmxrmjrk'B, KUMBEl, PAGE VII. The progressive, and (of late years) the very rapid increase of its Trade, and the consequent influx of Wealth, without such chedcs being r^ularly applied as are necessary to re- strain the progress of vicious inclinations, has certainly tended, in an eminent degree, to production of crimes. Clerks and Labourers • • • 2500 7* Journeymen Shipwrights a 100 S. Journeymen Sail-makers • « « 500 lo» Journeymen Block and Oar Makers, &c» • 450 1 1* Journeymen Lightermen 'Sooo *- Watermen in Wherries 5000 11. £00,000* BKludiog tbs fiuiu Ues of tho M wbo iant n Mitt- ' «nce fnni the Navigatio R and Commerce of the River.

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