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They don't prevent secondary cardiovascular events or reduce stroke, and don't lower breast cancer recurrence or all-cause mortality in breast cancer patients.

Possible explanations for the ineffectiveness of fish oil supplements include poor absorption, absence of the “food displacement” effect of diet (eating fish means eating less potentially detrimental food such as red meat), the prevalence of poor quality supplements, and, as researchers concluded, “single nutrients may have limited effects on chronic disease outside of their original food sources.” Eating 5 - 6 oz of cold water, fatty fish twice weekly (anchovy, sardine, herring, mackerel, salmon, halibut) is recommended.

Fermentation is an ancient practice, dating back to 6000 B. and has been used across every culture for food preservation and safety, and as medicine.

Enter the reductionists, who successfully have grown probiotic sales to another 1 billion plus annual industry.

Wild-caught fish is better because the amount of fish oil in farmed fish has steadily declined as the aquaculture industry skimps on the quality of fish meal fed to captives.

: The gut is at the center of immunity and brain health, and is involved in the proper function of all body systems.

Supplements tend to be reductive lab creations, often synthetic, the result of deconstructing food into fragments of “active ingredients” in endless pursuit of the magic bullet that will outperform nature. As the food vs supplement debate continues, science has weighed in on these 5 examples:: Of all non-vitamin, non-mineral products, fish oil is the most commonly consumed supplement in the U. Studies of dietary fish have shown a reduction in stroke risk, non-fatal and fatal coronary heart disease, heart failure and peripheral arterial disease, a reduction in recurrent breast cancer events, and a significant increase in prostate cancer survival.

While some studies conflict, overall, fish oil supplements have disappointing results.

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