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Your current game will not be recorded. Pyramid Easy Pyramid Relaxed Pyramid Relaxed Easy Seahaven Towers. Game Licensing Info You can add this game to your website, incl. 50.0 like it Description Comments More Solitaire 5 Dice. Change Log Register User Username: Password: Re-Type Password: E-mail Address: Log In Username: Password: Forgot Username or Password? Click a row below, then click 'Play Game' at the bottom right corner. Players Online 1 member 12 guests are currently playing free online Flash games! Classic Solitaire Suggestions Tri Peakz 30037 plays. Solitaire Master Top Solitaire Classic Solitaire Spider Solitaire. Test your skill and see how many you can solve! To pause the game click the points and options tab during game play. Game Instructions Sort the cards numerically, from lowest (ace) to highest (king by suit into the 4 piles at the top right of the playing area, know as the foundation. They are rated for difficulty, Easy, Medium or Hard. E-mail Address: Change Password Password: Re-Type Password: Introducing Planet Sudoku! Tri Peaks Tri Peaks (Hidden) Tri Peaks Strict Tri Peaks Strict (Hidden) Triple Klondike (Turn One) Triple Klondike (Turn Three) Challenges are pre-determined deals that are guaranteed to be winnable. Login to save scores: Username: Password: Login Error. Robert Next Card: Stack Count: Card: Challenge: Game: de A. 73.3 like it Balloon Solitaire 13269 plays. Challenges Games - Alphabetical Aces Up Baker's Game. World of Solitaire Slitaire Deck Backgrund Optins 0:00 Scre: 0 0 mves. Use the seven piles in the playing area (tableau) and the draw pile in the top left corner to turn over cards and sort them into the foundation piles. Solitaire Golf Solitaire Tri Towers Oldschool Solitaire Crecent Solitaire. Log Out Log In Register Select a Solitaire Game Tutorial Video. Flash game file (.swf) HTML embed code High score script (.php) MySQL database dump Flash.fla source: 1499 Game page sponsors.