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Theologian, professor and thinker Paul Tillich spent a lot of time pondering what it means to be alone and/or lonely. Tillich says, “ True, some do very well bouncing ideas and concepts off others in a group.

Interesting that a situation can be both for some of us, especially as we grow older and friends or family members move away, or die, leaving us to feel the loss of their companionship and support. And we can definitely feel very lonely even in the midst of a crowd. Is this even possible without time alone…and is time alone even possible?

Others play carsd, check out the crowd or sway to the hip-hop beat.

While all can enhance our lives, are they sometimes robbing us of the solitude we each need to keep our balance? Strike up a conversation with someone in a coffee shop. As boomers and beyond, we know we have to be a part of the world, but we also know we must feed our souls.

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Evan Marc Katz – Evan Marc Katz Blog Best Advice – “Identify and leave the undesirable ones, attract and keep the good ones” I met Evan several years ago at an Online Dating conference.

In “The Eternal Now”, he writes: “Our language has wisely sensed these two sides of man’s being alone. But for me, and for many of the creative people I’ve worked with, spending some time alone to let the tiny nuggets of ideas float to the top has always been much more productive. But you can take some simple steps to help you feel better and maybe make it easier to make new connections.

It has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. How else can we hear what our minds and hearts are trying to tell us? And some are introverts…people who, according to , engage the world in fundamentally different ways.

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