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On top of that, the tech giant is also set to launch alongside the Google Pixel 2 in the smartphone category.

Despite the popularity of the tablet industry having significantly gone down in the last few years, Google has managed to come off with a new device that will make a relevant and practical choice for tablet users.

This will list out the connected devices to your computer.

For Windows: Go to the adb folder located at C:adb and then type cmd in the address bar to launch a command window. Step -3: Enter the following command into the terminal or command window: adb reboot bootloader Step -4: Once the Nexus device boots into the bootloader menu, type the command: fastboot oem unlock Step -5: Hit the Volume Up button to accept the prompt to wipe the device and then hit Power to confirm the action.

Consequently, the flash commands fail to initiate or complete the installation process.

However, this issue can be fixed by flashing the update files manually or without using the batch script file in the factory image.

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Proceed to the next step once you have confirmed that all the seven files are present in the same folder.

During the holiday months of December 2016 they rolled out maintenance updates to Android 7.1.1 too.

Sadly, the update isn’t perfect and we’re hearing some are experiencing minor problems, bugs or suffering from poor battery life. Abnormal battery drain is a common problem, especially after big software updates of this size.

Some owners are experiencing bad Nexus Android Nougat battery life.

Or at least a drop when many expected improvements.

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