New york state laws on dating minors

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In New York, the discovery rule is more limited than it is in other states.

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In New York, you must complete the following phases: If you're a parent of a NY teen, you can monitor your child's driving record with the DMV's Teen Electronic Event Notification Service ( TEENS).In New York, when the malpractice lawsuit is based upon the discovery of a foreign object in the patient’s body, the malpractice lawsuit may be filed within one year of the date of discovery of the foreign object or within one years of the date of discovery of facts that would reasonably lead to the discovery of the foreign object, whichever is earlier.In New York, the statute of limitations for minor children in medical malpractice cases does not begin running until the child’s eighteenth birthday, with one exception.You must first apply for a NY learner's permit using the application process listed below.You will need to satisfy all New York graduated license program (GDL) requirements and follow all driving restrictions.

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