My sister is dating a loser what can i do

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As long as you continue to approach her with opposition, little is likely to improve.

Meghan Markle's niece says her mother's vendetta against her sister, Prince Harry's girlfriend and her plan to write a tell-all book about their shared childhood is motivated by 'hate'.

Letting her know (directly or indirectly) you think her boyfriend is a “loser” will most likely only serve to distance her from you and strengthen her bond to him. That feeling may be contributing to a dynamic that makes her believe you and your parents don’t respect her, don’t see her as a capable adult, and don’t understand her needs.

His idea of Christmas is to sit in his apartment alone, eat a ton of food, smoke pot until he can’t move, watch TV all day, and definitely not see any family.

They’ve had arguments about it—that’s all they do, argue—and she came up with a compromise: they spend the first half of the day doing Christmas his way and the second half of the day with her family.

Dear Julie, So, my sister has a shitty boyfriend—and has for six years. But he doesn’t value family relationships and not only doesn’t want to spend time with our family, but he also doesn’t want my sister to spend time with us.

One of our favorite times of year is Christmas, and we spend all day together, drinking, cooking, opening presents, talking, and it’s just great.

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