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The ad, by Santo, is part of a new wave of global spots released this week by the cola giant as it begins year two of "Taste the Feeling," which has made a concerted effort to put the Coke product at the center of all ads.With the pool boy ad, "we wanted to position an ice-cold Coca-Cola as the ultimate object of desire, but also tell an emotional, human story – pretty much following the spirit of the campaign to integrate product benefits with emotional brand values," Rodolfo Echeverria, the marketer's VP-global creative, stated in an email interview.He did that for many here and whereas we will all miss his stories, I will miss the man even more. Lovecraft68 * I woke up with a hard on and the fleeting glimpse of the dream that had awoken me; a dream of fucking my mother.Most guys would be appalled if they'd dreamed of their mother sucking their cock like a porn star and begging their son to fuck them, but for me? I'd been obsessed with my mother for well over a year and how it started I wasn't really sure, but what I knew is in my mind she went from being the most beautiful woman I'd known to becoming the sexiest, most sensual woman I could imagine.This prompted her to lash out and pummel the kids who teased her.This, in addition to her red hair flying wildly around her as she did so, earned her the nickname of Red Hot-Blooded Habanero ( Kushina was terrified by the idea, but she was comforted by the Nine-Tails' then-current jinchūriki, Mito Uzumaki.

When Jiraiya asked if they were sure about it, stating that it was a name he had just came up with whilst eating a bowl of ramen one day, Kushina said that it was a beautiful name.Born into the famed Uzumaki clan of Uzushiogakure, Kushina lived most of her youth being caught up in war, making her seek for a daily peace.At a young age she was sent to Konoha and enrolled in the Academy.) because of her then-round face and fiery red hair.Asked about the connection to previous hunky Coke ads he said: "This story has more layers, including a 'wink' that touches on our point of view regarding diversity and inclusion.We are managing our culturally relevant messages organically within our campaign spots not as the main subject of the story but as subtext." Coca-Cola debuted the "Taste the Feeling" campaign in January 2016 as part of larger move to a "one-brand" strategy in which multiple Coke varieties are plugged within the same ad.

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