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I go to church on Sunday morning because I need to hear a word from God. I need to know that when “my body is ailing” as the old folks say and my childhood traumas—daddy beating momma—keep me awake at night that there is a word of peace, healing, stillness, redemption, and salvation is spoken to let me know that I can make it through, yet, another week.

Black is beautiful in every hue and we want to celebrate it all. When I think of celebrating what makes us unique, I think about my mom, sister and me.

However, Mary proves a hit with the club's members and gets elected to its board.

A football player turned insurance salesman applies for a job as a sportscaster and attaches himself to Mary.

You stop going to church because men are at home watching the football game.

You stop attending Bible study because all the things you need to know is found in the .

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