Is raymond lam dating linda chung

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Source: The New Paper BEFORE Mavis Pan Shuangshuang burst out of nowhere and hit entertainment news headlines as Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam's ex-flame, there was Linda Chung.The leggy Canadian-born singer-actress was once the woman most often associated with Lam.While his first languages are Cantonese and Hokkien, Lam studied in Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary School, a primarily Mandarin-speaking primary school in pre-Handover Hong Kong and is thus also fluent in Mandarin and English. Following that, he studied architecture in Xiamen University for 1st Year, and then completed the rest at University of Southern California, majoring in architecture and minoring in music.Raymond Lam's childhood dream was to become a professional dancer. Lam attended the 13th TVB artists training class in 1998 as an auditing student and was offered a contract with TVB upon graduation in September 1998.

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Instead, the groom turns out to be the nephew of former TVB Chairman Norman Leung – Jeremy, who is a Chiropractor and owns a clinic in Vancouver.

After Raymond Lam completed his concert, he has been trying to spend more time with his girlfriend, Karena Ng.

Earlier, he went holidaying with Karena to Australia.

According to media reports, the celebrity pair - both are signed to Hong Kong broadcaster TVB - hit it off in 2006 while playing small-screen lovebirds on the set of drama series Heart Of Greed.

After Lam's "persistent pursuing", real-life sparks flew between the two and they started a four-year-long relationship. While neither any of them has admitted to the relationship outright.

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