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See USPS website for further details about delivery dates to your Zip Code. When you visit the San Francisco Bay Area, come visit our landmark brick mortar hat store. This makes it ideal for stretching and keeping the shape of the helmet allowing it to be very durable and easily kept clean. All Women's Derby Hats are FINAL SALE and NOT Returnable. Mitre, mobcap or mob, montero, morion, mortarboard, trencher, or trencher cap, mutch, nightcap, opera hat or gibus, Panama hat, paper hat, peaked cap, petasus, Phrygian cap, picture hat, pillbox, pinner. Top hat, topper ( informal toque, tricorn, trilby, tuque, turban, veil, visor or vizor, watch cap, wimple, yarmulke). Feel free to contact us at or (510) Address-Phone: Berkeley Hat Company, 2510 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley CA Tel. Expedited Shipping Available - To Receive Your Hats In Time For The Derby. Canadian Priority Mail is 32.00 plus 3.88 for each additional item (With the exception of online orders for Hats for the Kentucky Derby which must be ordered individually). Weight Thudguard is one of the lightest head guards in the world, weighing just less than 100 grams / 3.2 oz. Express Mail Requires a Signature on delivery and is 36.00 plus 5.50 for each additional item (With the exception of online orders for Hats for the Kentucky Derby which must. Hat - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim chapeau, lid busby, shako, bearskin - tall hat; worn by some British soldiers. The words "Kentucky Derby" are used for descriptive purposes only and in no way imply any connection or reference to registered trademarks or trade names. Our Retail Store has been in the same location for over 34 years. Biretta or berretta, blackcap, bluebonnet or bluecap, boater, bonnet, bowler or (U.S. Hat - furnish with a hat furnish, provide, supply, render - give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater" Hats Akubra ( Austral. EXPRESS -PRIORITY MAIL is Available To Expedite Delivery. Store Hours: Monday-Thursday, Friday-Saturday, Sunday Pacific Time. Hat Orders will usually be shipped same or next day and should arrive within 2 to 3 days after date of shipping. USPS Express Mail is guaranteed to arrive by the Post Office in 1 day in most areas and 2 days in the rest and Requires a Signature upon delivery. "He put on his best suit for the wedding "The princess donned a long blue dress "The queen assumed the stately robes "He got into his jeans" 2. Tarboosh, tarbouche or tarbush, tarpaulin, ten-gallon hat, tiara, tin hat ( informal tricorn or tricorne, toorie or tourie ( Scot. USPS.com for your delivery date from our zip code(94704). The same shipping charges pertain to exchanges as on original order. Most orders shipped within two to five days, but usually the same or next day. Size This stretchy, comfortable design is suitable for the ages between 7 months to just over 2 years, depending on the size of the child's head, stretching from 40 to. Hat - put on or wear a hat; "He was unsuitably hatted" bonnet - dress in a bonnet don, put on, get into, wear, assume - put clothing on one's. Trademark anadem ( poetic babushka, Balaclava helmet or Balaclava, Balmoral or bluebonnet, bandanna or bandana, bandeau, barret, baseball cap, basinet or bascinet, beanie or beany, bearskin, beaver, beret, billycock (. Materials Thudguard helps cushion the forehead, side and back of the head. Larger orders may be shipped UPS and could take longer than 3 days. It is recommended to take a measurement of your child's head first to confirm the compatibility of the Thudguard sizing. Please feel free to call us at or. Canad.) derby, broadbrim, busby, calash or caleche, calotte, calpac, calpack, or kalpak, capuche or capouch, castor, chaplet, cheese cutter, circlet, cloche, cloth cap, cocked hat, coif, commode, coonskin, cornet, coronet.