High steaks fieldrunners 2

It is meant to be paired with one or more towers to increase their effect. This tower is recommended only in situations (such as sudden death maps) where there are high concentrations of units. Be sure to space them out appropriately based on their range, as their toxic effect is not multiplied when they overlap. The 2.5 tiles range rating refers only to the distance from which it will be activated. This is the entry level model slow tower, and a carryover from the original Fieldrunners game. On the plus side though, you can create multiple beams as the towers will automatically link with any others placed 1 tile apart (both vertically and horizontally). Oil Cost:20, Upgrade: 10 ea DPS:40, 50, 60 Range:2.5 tiles. In addition to inflicting greater damage, it will also slow units by 40, so its like 2 towers in one. Polymorph Cost:20, Upgrade: 10 ea Slow:45, 65, 78 Range:2.5 tiles. Missile Cost:20, Upgrade: 15 ea DPS:75, 150, 225 Range:3.5 tiles. Dont bother grouping Glue towers close together as the effect does not stack. It will inflict damage to units in all 8 surrounding tiles simultaneously. (Note: although the documentation states that fully-upgraded, Oil will slows units by 60, the effect seems to be less than thatmaybe its just me). Range:2.5 tiles (medium cirle) This is the fundamental maze-building tower (and often your only option in early rounds) but considering its low cost, deals respectable damage. Use it as an intermediate upgrade path until you can afford the really heavy hitters. Try pairing one with a Power tower for a fairly inexpensive combo-generating machine. Well, that may be true in some instances, but Ive found that if used creatively, it does have distinct benefits. When one Plasma tower is struck by plasma from another tower, it will in turn trigger a shot of its own (this effect occurs only once every 3 hits). It will zap 2 units at level 1, 5 units at level 2, and an impressive 8 units at level 3. There is no limit to the range of its effect (plasma will travel right off the ends of the map but the trigger range is limited to 3.5 tiles. The DPS is quite high considering the reasonable price but naturally, it will not so much as singe a hair on the Toastmaster. High Steaks; Ring of Fire; Scrambled Eggs; The Frying Pan;. Towers are listed in order of initial cost. My Fieldrunners 2 Channel; Site Access. Register; Log in;. It will dynamically change direction based on nearby units to shoot either vertically or horizontally. Ice Cost:15, Upgrade: 10 ea Slow:45, 60, 70 Range:1.5 tiles. This low-to-mid range tower uses super sonic waves to drop runners in their tracks. Some have argued that it is not very usefulthat the cost doesnt outweigh the benefit and that the space it occupies would be better served by simply purchasing a different. It probably goes without saying but Ill repeat it anyway: this tower has no effect on Stubborn Runners. The Ice tower will slow all units that come within its relatively short range, but when spaced out strategically, this can be a highly effective slow tower, especially for the.