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The numbers 001-499 show Kalamazoo production, 500-999show Nashville production. During the early 1980s production moved to Korea, and again the serial numbers are not an exact science as a dating mechanism.

Four prototype Sunbursts were displayed at the '77 Summer NAMM convention in Chicago.During the period from 1975-1977 Gibson used a transfer that had eight digit numbers, the first two indicate the year, 99=1975, 00=1976 and 06=1977, the following six digits are in the 100000 to 200000.MADE IN USA were also included on the transfer and some models had LIMITED EDITION also applied.Jol Dantzig, Hamer co-founder and Director of Design, says that it was "priced as a loss leader. However You Will Love The Hamer Sustainer Bridge That Is On The Original Models Only. It is about as good as you can get in a factory made guitar. If you really know what you’re doing, there is a difference between top notch and good enough. The result is that you have a good guitar that sounds good enough for bedroom practicing, jamming, and maybe even gigging (depending on your personal standards for tone). But surprisingly good are the Hamer Korean imports (identified as those with just “Hamer” on the headstock).

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