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On Saturday 3rd June 2017 between 12pm and 3pm there will be a tea party at the home of Mrs Kalliope Chrysanthou. We also have our own dedicated TV channel, 12 Apostles Church, which is available via CYTA UK (Roku Box) that broadcasts all our services, including weddings and baptisms. We are now offering Greek lessons for adults at our church every Wednesday evening, from 7pm to 9pm during term time. Parking is available within the grounds of the church for all services.

We ask all the ladies of our church and from the community to support this event and to help make it a success. Father Joseph has released a new CD featuring the Akathist Hymn (Ακάθιστος Ύμνος) which is available from our church and all other Greek Orthodox churches. To purchase a Roku Box, if you do not already have one, visit the CYTA UK website here. The car parking areas are clearly labelled and there is capacity for approximately 200 cars.

They roamed the islands of Santorini and Crete, delighting the ancient charm.

The exotic sandy beach of Vai with unique palm trees is one of the largest attractions of Crete while voted consistently as one of the top beaches in Greece.

Coordinate SV agreement, however, is special in Greek as it is sensitive to the coordinate subject's position: when pre-verbal, the verb is marked for plural while when post-verbal the verb can be in the singular.

Our offer includes: Find your Suite spot and get more from your stay. Step up to a Suite or Villa, and take advantage of exciting promotions.Our church welcomes worshipers from other Orthodox Christian communities (Greek and non-Greek) and is especially popular with the younger generation who select it for their weddings and baptisms.We are the only Greek Orthodox church in the United Kingdom that broadcasts live video (see links above) and caters for online bookings (see link above) for weddings and A musical show dedicated to Constantinoupolis and Smyrna, produced by Father Joseph Paliouras and Vasilis Panayis.The leatherback is distinctly triangular in shape, having a prominent keel down the center of the upper shell (carapace), flanked by three more keels on each side — seven in all.The skin is black or dark brown, spotted with white.

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