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A live bald eagle nest cam caught the birth of a second tiny eaglet at the U. National Arboretum Sunday, days after its sibling was born. The second hatchling broke free of its shell Sunday morning, and anyone with Internet access watched the action unfold. National Arboretum sits along the Anacostia River in the nation’s capital.

If Bao Bao is still around, there's a chance Mei won't breed.

It's nature's explanation for why mother and cub must separate, but the finality is challenging for human emotions."The world changes when you are a parent and you see things differently.

Jordan Patch, owner of the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, says the mother, called April, could give birth to her fourth calf at any time. Giraffes can be in labor anywhere from hours to a full day.

(WJZ/AP) — More than a million people have viewed a You Tube live stream of a pregnant giraffe awaiting the birth of a baby at an upstate New York animal park.

The zoo says the early signs of separation were obvious. From her earliest days, we've watched Bao Bao learn to crawl, get checkups and play outside with the occasional tumble.

In the wild, panda cubs usually leave their mothers for good at about the age of two. She's asked to stretch out her arm and squeeze the metal rod. For panda fans everywhere, Bao Bao is a star, her life documented on the Panda Cam.The mother, Jennifer, who asked that her last name not to used, told ABC News, "I feel like I've failed.People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing." Authorities say they think the tech-savvy Peeping Toms hacked into the families DVR system, which was wired to cameras throughout the house, after one of the girls used an unprotected server to connect with friends on a computer game.The 18-month-old panda cub Bao Bao is leaving her mother Mei Xiang to live on her own.It may be hard for us humans -- especially mothers -- to understand, but that's how it happens in the wild, and so the zoo is following nature, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

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