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'There will be some elderly people who don't want to go to hospital and will be quite happy to wear compression stockings.' And though there is little justification for sticking. Varicose veins occur when the wall of the vein starts to weaken and it becomes swollen and out of shape. You take weights from my bench press racks WHILE Im in the middle of a bench press set! 'Yes, they can relieve pain, but as soon as you take them off it returns. You drop your pants and begin showing a woman your cut up legs even though she has repeatedly told you she doesnt want to see them. The closest thing to a squat in your routine is when you sit down on a bench to talk with a hot chick on the elliptical close by. Most people who have used them have been wasting their time all these years. You never walk anywhere without flaring your lats. You treat people who are weaker with contempt. Even if you are talking on your cell phone for 10-15 minutes. But Professor Gerard Stansby, a vascular surgeon who treats varicose veins on the NHS at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne, says the NICE guidance could open the floodgates. Published: 23:06 GMT, 9 September 2013 Updated: 23:06 GMT, 9 September 2013 Three in ten Britons are blighted by varicose veins. You dont train muscles you cant see in the mirror. You load the bar so heavily that even warmup reps require a spotter and help to rerack the weight. If you ignore the unspoken rule If my headphones are in leave me alone. You walk really really close to someone that does deadlifts or cleans. If you think fullbody routines are for the first two weeks only, then its Ronnie Coleman time. You tell people deadlifts will kill them. The new guidance recommends endothermal ablation as the  first-line therapy for those with severe varicose veins that cause pain or ulcers. You ask for a spot on dumbbell bench. You use a randomly placed water-bottle to drink from. Varicose veins aren't just a cosmetic problem - they can lead to leg ulcers. 'Compression stockings have been used by the NHS and private medical insurers to delay getting the proper treatment for patients. Blood starts to pool, a phenomenon known as venous reflux, causing veins to bulge through the skin. If you carry your cell phone in your hand between setsyou know, so you can keep your bis flexed at all times. (Name removed so we dont get sued) Your chest day is always on Mondays. You spend more time picking out your gym outfit than you spend in the gym lifting. Pure Elite is the fastest growing bikini, Fitness and muscle model competition in Europe. You hock a loogie in the water fountain. You are on your phone while occupying equipment. Patients newly diagnosed with varicose veins are commonly instructed by GPs to wear support stockings for up to six months to see if symptoms improve. Yet recent government guidance suggests many patients have been prescribed treatment that is outdated and ineffective. If you ask someone how they got big and only want to hear about what supplements they take.