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Whenever you interact with customers outside your website, whether through newsletters or social media posts, make sure it’s not a one-way relationship.Make yourself accessible by sharing a direct link to your chat.Keep conversation with your customers from within Odoo to allow multitasking when looking for important information from the backend of your environment.Access all information at the same time as the conversation window is open so you can give accurate and precise answers.The sad part is that it is limited to Facebook’s messaging service, but a new application from XDA Senior Member Gurjot95 called Direct Chat looks to bring this feature to other messaging applications.By default Direct Chat supports other messaging applications such as Whats App, Kik, Hangouts, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Allo, Textra, Skype, Threema, Line, Disa, and Plus.

The "M" in XMPP stands for "messaging", and exchanging messages is one of the core uses of an XMPP library like CAXL.

Slightly more advanced is type "chat", which is used in one-to-one chat sessions between two entities.

Additional message types include "groupchat" (discussed in the next chapter) and "headline" (discussed in the chapter after that).

The link lets your customers access your chat instantly if they have any questions or just want to get to know you and your business better.

Remember that well-informed customers make for more confident buyers. To get your unique chat link, log in to your control panel as an Admin or Owner and go to the direct link section. There’s no need to add the tracking code to your site, so feel free to copy and share it as it is.

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