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Even so, you still need to be sure you are updating your Cummins engine and performing maintenance on a regular basis.At Xtreme Diesel.com, we have everything you need to keep your truck in the best possible shape.Do not disconnect the Auto Mind until the program indicates that it is safe to do so. 4) When programming is complete, disconnect the Auto Mind.Note: If errors occur, it is recommended that you first exit the program, disconnect the Auto Mind, and restart the process.

I was on the phone and the 8.4 shut down and did a complete system reboot twice...

The Banks Auto Mind Update Utility is software that will be installed on your computer to allow communication between your PC and the Banks Auto Mind Programmer.

After download is complete, install the software onto your computer.

Parameters are application specific and not all parameters will show up on all vehicles.

Fan adjustments are used to command the fans to come on sooner for increased cooling or for use with a cooler aftermarket thermostat.

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