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Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, especially with so many commitments to attend to.However, just an hour together every day can keep your marriage healthy and vibrant.When my husband and I were first married, we were both working full-time and had no kids, so each week we would head out to dinner or a play or a concert or a movie . Plus, I don’t want to leave my 4 month old baby with just anyone! even if you don’t like these ideas, there are links to approximately 350 MORE date ideas at the bottom of this post. That will take care of date nights for the next 7 years! 🙂 And before we jump into the date ideas, I just wanted to share with you two things that have helped my marriage so much: This cute journal will change the way that you look at your spouse and your marriage. We have a student loan debt the size of Alaska (thank you Physical Therapy school) and can’t afford a babysitter every weekend. The first challenge to enjoying alone time is often finding a babysitter.Here are a few inexpensive way you can make sure the kids are cared for while you take some time to care for your relationship.

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We hope you find encouragement here as we share our story of God’s faithfulness.

We still make it a priority to set aside one night a week where we turn off the computers and focus on just being together. It also helps strengthen your marriage because you will start to focus on what is GOOD in your spouse and in your life. In all his studies, he found 3 things that every person can do to create a happy marriage and put them together in this book.

Here are some of our favorite at-home date ideas that we have tried (and loved! I recommend reading it together as a couple and finding ways to implement these ideas into your marriage.

If you’re anything like my husband and me, who have two boys under three, you don’t have nearly enough time alone together.

Yet we all know that quality time is essential for a successful relationship.

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