Dating garcia mitchell reels

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Mitchells numbering system was designed for internal use such as quality control, and audits and not for the collector to trace production data or historical events.

Our research revealed inconsistencies in the methodology of how they applied their serial numbers.

Mitchell also imprinted a single numerical digit on the reel foot on some -but not all- first versions.

It is unclear what this single digit represented but it has sparked many debates with collectors.

Garcia Mitchell 300 Tournament Caster Reel Made in France specifically for long distance casting.

According to Dennis Robert's book Mitchell Collector's Reference Guide P. Made in 1971 comes with adjustable MP lever & guide, & Single Stage Conic Tournament Spool.

We looked at the problem from an analytical approach so we can make some sense of their methods. At the time Mitchell introduced the first two versions of the Mitchell reel, serial numbers were not utilised.

This is difficult to explain but speculation is that the first two versions were either prototypes, or not marketed outside of Europe thereby eliminating the need for unit numbering. It is also of importance to note that some early first versions did not have stamped (Made in France) on the bodies.

models are the "Right" & "Left" Handed Salt Water Reels.These two reels belonged to my grandfather originally and have been passed down to me by my dad. IMG_20130324_200007Opened up IMG_20130402_175658Setup shop outside with my two boys playing around in the warm spring air. IMG_20130402_183429IMG_20130402_191552IMG_20130402_183341The next step is a deep cleaning. The new style 'straight' AR lever & appearance of engraved Garcia appeared in ~1972.The black plastic AR pawl & later drag knob suggest mid 70's vintage. My source says that straight style AR levers began in '68.Can't tell for sure from the pic, but it looks like reel might have never been opened & still held only its original grease. The 7th version main determining factor was that the anti-reverse lever has changed to a straight lever.The “3-0-0” is now enlarged with the dashes omitted making it “300” on both the Garcia and European release of this version.

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