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The Copts became separated from mainstream Christianity at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 CE over theological differences.Egypt was then conquered by Muslim Arabs in the 7th century.Greek,an early 19th century silver hand-blessing cross with the Crucified Christ on one side and the Resurrected Christ on the other.( on a wooden core base with fitting for a handle ) Tughra (Turkish) silver marks....15 x 12ins Byzantine, 10/12th century a large bronze Reliquary cross with a highly stylised image of the Crucified Christ engraved on the front and St Anna on the reverse. SOLD Ethiopian (Coptic) ....a selection from our stock of these very decorative and wearable antique Crosses. We have just purchased a small collection of crosses formed in the 1930's. Century , one of the finest bronze Processional Crosses we have ever seen, engraved with the Virgin Orans with the Christ Child in clothing suggestive of a warrior flanked by St's Peter and Paul. 19th C Russian and Greek Icons Russian Postcards Bargain Russian and Greek Icons Travelling Icons and Crosses Russian Lacquer Russian and Greek Icons of the 17/18th centuries Russian Woodwork Russian Paintings and Posters Byzantine Russian Silversmiths Hallmarks by Geoffrey Watts Google Maps Tour of Iconastas Soviet Art & Communist Art John Gaze (1947 - 2011)Terms and Conditions Our vast collection of antique crosses dates from the Byzantine era to the late 19th century, including Russian, European, and Ethiopian Coptic crosses.

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The lead and pewter Crucifixes were usually brushed (painted) with molten silver.The result is that Coptic Christianity developed largely independently of other Christian communities, developing their own beliefs and practices.The church is officially known as the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and is led by it's own pope.Al-Moallaqa has witnessed important elections and religious ceremonies.The famous miracle of moving the Moqattam Mountain is closely related to al-Moallaqa.

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