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local presence service• Transfer price for one year - 2 years automatic transfer extension required" data-country-id="CY" data-ren="597.00" data-tra="379.00" data-res="" data-owc="435.00" data-nsu="114.00" data-rdu="114.00" data-tcu="114.00"• Transfer price for one year - 2 years automatic transfer extension required• incl.

automatic 1-year renewal" data-country-id="AERO" data-image-id="luftfahrt" data-ren="254.00" data-tra="254.00" data-res="176.00" data-owc="55.00" data-nsu="55.00" data-rdu="55.00" data-tcu="55.00"• Transfer incl.The BBAN consists of a Bank/Branch Code and the Account Number, both with optional check digits. If you then press the "Create IBAN" button the IBAN appears in the IBAN field.To check an IBAN you have to type it in the IBAN input field and press the "Check IBAN" button.For examples of International Bank Account Numbers see the examples table below. In case of the checksums 97 and 98 there is a possible alternative IBAN.It contains the checksum 00 instead of 97, or 01 instead of 98, respectively. It depends on the bank institute which one is the official.

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