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But the fact is that men don’t “feel it” for you because of what you say.

It’s not your words that make a man attracted to you, it’s the experiences you create with him.

I’m betting that’s exactly why you’re on this site: to find a quality kind of guy – a real man looking for a real relationship. #1) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Playful There’s something that drives men wild and invites them into a deeper level of “connection” – play. They were raised to express themselves and connect with those around them through action.

Unfortunately, too many women seem to forget this and want to talk their way into a man’s heart.

You need dating advice that acknowledges your specific situation.

For all the men who’ve given up on dating because they’re too busy, read on: You’re about to become the social animal you’ve always wanted to be.

There may be that one-event like a limited-seating gig or a special office event that you want to take her to, but alas, you’ve found that she’ll be busy until 11 pm.

Men are strongly driven to succeed by fantasies of sex and power (and even the latter I imagine is desired as a route to the former).

Both are responsible for all manner of great and terrible historical deeds.

She’s highly likely to reject you at the drop of a hat.

In this case, you can casually mention it to her, but don’t pressure her into cancelling all her plans just to be with you. This is what your busy girl needs and this is what you should plan for during those days when she is free the whole day, and can work remotely from whichever destination you both are. Your girl has already been through a busy schedule so don’t try to squeeze in too many activities. [Read: 20 unconventional date ideas to make her off days worthwhile] #5 Surprise!

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