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Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not necessarily limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, repeated propositions or requests for a sexual relationship to an individual who has previously indicated that such conduct is unwelcome, or sexual gestures, noises, remarks, jokes, questions, or comments about a person’s gender, sexuality or sexual experience.

Sexual harassment may consist of repeated actions or may even arise from a single incident if sufficiently extreme.

Additionally, the Policy protects individuals that experience prohibited conduct off-campus when the conduct has continuing effects on the individual in the College setting.

This policy also protects employees in the College workplace and independent contractors and third-party visitors to the campus.

The complainant and the accused may be of either gender and need not be of different genders. Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence Sexual assault/sexual violence is a particular type of sexual harassment that includes .

Sexual assault/sexual violence includes, but is not necessarily limited to, physical assaults of a sexual nature, such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or attempts to commit these acts.

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