Chicken scramble maths game

Replaying earlier puzzles will give you a different set of letters. Mix and match their powers to rule the roost. Chicktionary by Olive In A Jar While I like this game - I miss the first version. She's an elementary student and it's a fun and challenging game for her. What's New in Version 2.10 Fixed rare crash when starting CLASSIC. Play the award-winning word game everybody's clucking about! You can buy shortcuts or remove ads, but 100 of the game is available just by playing. I still love the game but it doesn't go far enough. FARM FRESH FUN Learn as you play! New and remastered game modes provide endless fun for word puzzle fans. If you need help, click "Hint" for the definition of the word. When I replaced my bum iPad I was glad to start the game over but was too impatient after "winning" to the end. Customer Reviews Great game by Kittynut 65 I played Chicktionary to the bitter end and was disappointed that it indeed was the end. Other than those two things this is a winning game. Hatch new words to complete each puzzle. Send us a message using the "HELP " button in the Settings menu. There are over a million possible combinations! Three brain-teasing game modes await you: JOURNEY through a spelling adventure, race the clock in QUICK PLAY, or take on the challenge of CLASSIC. Also I do not like some of the words this dictionary carries over the old dictionary. ORGANIC FUN All of our content is accessible without in-app purchases. We also adore the chickens, so much more fun than boring word games of similar gameplay.